Party of One! Self-Care Tips for the Overworked Supermom.

Mommy-ing is hard. I mean there’s laundry, cleaning, snotty noses, play dates; the list goes on and on. And if you’re looking for an extra good time like me, you throw in grad school to top it off. We feel extra great about ourselves when we kick our to-do list’s butt, day after day. Nothing is better than crossing off every item, but doing it two days in a row? Man listen. Don’t every get me started on the celestial feeling I get when I have completed my to-do list three days in a row? LISTEN HERE!!! At that point, I’m unstoppable and not a person can tell me a thing. NOT ONE THING! Here’s the thing, all things are possible for a super mom right? Of course! But that doesn’t mean we don’t need breaks. Storm was just Ororo Munroe once the cape and white boots came off. She was just a regula, degula woman that tucked away her superpowers until the time was right. She took sometime off and so should we. It didn’t negate the fact she was a bad ass with superpowers. Taking time to yourself is a must. Now before you run down the list of things you have to do and how theres now time you. I’m gonna stop you right there. I get it. I do the same thing. Everyone comes first and I come last. But as a fellow repeat offender, I know it is not healthy so I decided to change it.  Check out my list of 5 things I do to keep my sanity and patience.

1. Talking to My Therapist

Recently, I started seeing a therapist again. Pre-Soph, I saw a therapist on a weekly basis. It was soul cleansing and mind clearing. After Soph, I fell into this funk and never sought out help from anyone. That was a BIG mistake. Now, I have a new therapist that works with my schedule. I’m on the road to being a better me, so that I can be the best for those that are around me. It is wonderful to be able to talk to someone that will listen to the things I have to say without having to be defensive or talk back. It is helping me handle my anxiety and my OCD tendencies in a better way.

2. Hair Appointments/Nail Appointments

If you know me, you know I love love love getting my hair  and nails done. I like it as much as a like wine. Now if you add wine to one of those appointments! Listen baby you have yourself one happy Sasha. I try to steer clear of bringing Soph along, because I am adamant that I get that time to relax and decompress. Of course, my hair appointments are longer depending on what I’m getting done. However, that is still uninterrupted Sasha time, and I’m in heaven.

3. Brunch with Friends

Brunch my second favorite B-word. I love picking out my brunch outfit, meeting up with friends. Drinking all the mimosas and depending on the venue dancing my life away. Eating is sprinkled somewhere in there, but everyone knows why I there. The champagne and girl talk. Nothing fills me with happiness than being able to have adult conversations with my girls for 3+ hours.

4. Working out

Another recent addition to my life, is planning time to get in shape. I put on some weight over the last year due to stress and not making myself a priority. Now things need to change, I have committed to working out for at 30 mins 3x a week with a friend. It makes me feel refreshed and good about myself. I’m bringing sexy back, so watch out ya’ll because the snapback is coming summer 2018.

5. Solo Lunch Dates

Last month I lucked up and was able to have lunch alone. BOY WAS I FILLED WITH GLEE! I had all the mimosas I wanted and ate seafood without anyone turning their noses up at me. I was in my happy place. Alone time is important, take the opportunity to feed the soul and body without all the extras that come with eating with others. Don’t get me wrong I love a good family outing, however I see the value and importance of eating alone, and loving every minute of it.


As moms, we make it a point to take care of everyone else. Their needs are our needs, their wants become our wants. Through this whirlwind of caretaker duties we lose sight of ourselves. The time to take care of ourselves is now. I can’t be the best mom, girlfriend, daughter, friend; if I’m not at my best. I have to be at my best, to do my best. I know that sometimes we don’t want to take our superhero cape off, but its necessary. Hangup the super cute suit with matching thigh-high boots (my supermom suit in my head mirrors something similar to cat woman) and relax a minute. Let someone else save the world and clean up the mess, because sometimes the only person that needs to be saved is us moms. Until next time.




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