Introducing. . . Another Effin Mom Blog

I’m Sasha, and I wish I had an elaborate and eloquent introduction to give, but. . . I don’t. I have been blessed with being the mother of a three-year-old ultra diva named Sophina. She is both wise and sassy beyond her years. She’s funny and makes my life better and eventful every chance she gets.

Now before you say it, I know, not another effin mom blog, blah blah blah blah. Yeah, I totally get it. Here’s where I come in. I love motherhood more than life itself. But, let’s be honest motherhood is kinda stressful. When I say kinda, I mean REALLY STRESSFUL. Well at least for me it is. *pauses to take a sip of wine* So I’m here to talk about all the craziness that comes with motherhood. The good, the bad, the meltdowns, the laughs, the tears, ALL THE TEARS both Soph’s and mine. Whew! So grab your glass of wine, buckle up and enjoy this ride down motherhood lane.









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